Mountian Boy Ponies

Jan 13 2022

Mountian boy ponys are a release of purely male ponies from the g1 generation.

i first found out about them after browsing the defuct Dream Valley website.

Im not sure what about them exactly caught my eye, but they intruiged me immediantly. Maybe it was the fact that they were so clearly designed with little girls in mind, instead of attempting to market to a male audience.

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The dolls keep the same pretty and colorful aesthetic as their female counterparts, while having a different mold and a slightly more masculine appearance.

The ponies are each based on a different form of weather, which informs both their designs and personalities. I have heard there was a comic that was released about them, though i have not been able to find it.
[admittedly, my search was not very exstensive]

Thundercloud, [as featured above] has quickly become my favorite of the bunch.
I find his mane to be absolutely gorgeous, along with his color pallet. Lavender has always been a favorite color of mine.

According to The My Little Pony Scrapbook He is a wise and gentle pony, who can be stern on occasion. He gives good advice and always has a calm manner about him.
while i dont have my own collection, I would love to have this pony some day.